What is Outerbike?

“What exactly is Outerbike?” Put simply, Outerbike is the mountain bike demo event. You arrive, you ride the best bikes in the world on the some of the best trails in the world, you make new friends, and you go home happy. Outerbike is a rare opportunity to try the bikes for yourself and decide what moves you.

Here are some other questions we’re asked frequently:

“Do I really get to ride all these bikes?”

Yes. Yes you do.

There are three ticket options at Outerbike. The full demo pass does indeed allow you to ride all the bikes. You should bring your pedals and a hydration pack, but we’ll supply the steeds.

If you love your own bike so dearly that you dare not throw a leg over another, we also offer a BYOB ticket—bring your own bike. It allows you access to all things Outerbike, including cold beer, daily lunches and new friends, but on ole faithful. It’s kind of like a three-day resort experience: Bring your bike, ride the world’s best trails, get shuttled around, and get fed. What’s not to like?

Finally, for those who may not want to ride, but find joy in experiential excellence, there is a social pass. This gets you all social access to a cycling event unlike any other. Feed off the stoke of those around you, ask questions, keep on with the new friends, and maybe ride a bike next year—no pressure though.

“How Do You Choose Where to Hold Events?”                           

Outerbike events are unlike any other demo events because we realize that to truly test a bike, you need somewhere extraordinary to do that.

That’s why we hold events in the nation’s meccas of mountain biking, where you can test bicycles on the kind of trails you dream of riding them on.  We believe that buying a new bike needs to be informed by real experiences on real trails, so we give you opportunities to try the best, on the best.  

“What Skill Levels are Represented at Outerbike Events?”

This is perhaps the most important question we’re frequently asked, and it’s one we’re committed to answering every time. We welcome riders of every skill level, and accommodating those riders is a huge part of choosing where to hold events.

World-class riding doesn’t just mean big drops, crazy tech and fat berms—it also means mellow flow, and rides everyone can have fun doing. Outerbike events are designed to offer something for every type of rider, and we proudly serve riders of every skill level imaginable. If you’re looking to get into the sport of mountain biking, there are few better places to start than Outerbike.

 “Which bike companies will be there?”

The answer to this question changes at each event, so we can’t provide a master list. But here’s what you really need to know: Outerbike does our utmost to offer everything.

From the major brands, down to custom builds you won’t find in your local shop, we bring the bikes that represent every sector of shred. The only way to know for sure is to see it for yourself.

How Do I Explain Outerbike to Others?

Great question. Here are some useful analogies for your non-cyclist friends:

Golfers: Spend three days at Augusta National taking your pick from all the newest, coolest components in golf from brands like Calloway, Titleist and Ping. Put together your dream golf bag, have a complimentary caddy, and maybe run into Jordan Spieth. Who knows?

Musicians: A stage. Rows of amplifiers. Play half a song with a Gibson, then decide you want a thinner neck, and switch to that Telecaster you’ve always hoped for. Sit behind a Steinway, strike a Tama Studio Pro with all maple shells and try 10 different double bass pedals until you finally find a technology that can keep up with your feet. Maybe Dave Grohl will walk by and suggest you loosen your grip on those sticks.

“Should I Come to an Outerbike Event?”

Our turn to ask a question:

Do you enjoy bikes, the cycling industry at large, world-class riding, the company of other riders, cold beer, or a good time in general? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of those, then our answer is a yes right back—you should come to an Outerbike event.

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